MasterGlenium SKY 8276 - High-performance super plasticiser with super slump retention for ready mix concrete

How does MasterGlenium SKY 8276 work?

MasterGlenium SKY 8276 is the superplasticiser based on second generation polycarboxylic ether polymers, developed using nano-technology. The product has been primarily developed for applications in high performance pre-cast concrete to facilitate high early strength gains with super slump retention.

MasterGlenium SKY 8276 is free of chloride & low alkali. It is compatible with all types of cements.

Recommended uses:

  • MasterGlenium SKY 8276 is used for the production of high quality ready-mix concrete
  • MasterGlenium SKY 8276 may be used in combination with MasterMatrix 2 (formerly known as GLENIUM STREAM 2)for producing Rheodynamic concrete, capable of self compaction,even in the presence of dense reinforcement
  • Concrete containing pozzolans such as microsilica, GGBFS, PFA including high volume fly ash concrete

What makes MasterGlenium SKY 8276 a unique solution?

MasterGlenium SKY 8276 helps to produce high performance concrete with longer workability retention, and high early strength. Mostly compatible with all OPC, PPC, PSC and can be used with high pozzolonic material.

What are the features and benefits of MasterGlenium SKY 8276?

  • Marked increase in early & ultimate strengths
  • Total control on the slump at the time of placing
  • elimination of vibration and reduced labour cost in placing by implementing self-compacting concrete
  • improved adhesion to reinforcing and stressing steel
  • better resistance to carbonation and other aggressive atmospheric conditions
  • lower permeability - increased durability
  • reduced shrinkage and creep

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MasterGlenium SKY 8276 Technical Datasheet

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